Ask Ciiku: Do woke men exist?

Just read your blog post response and wanted to say something. The same thing happened to me. I told this guy I wasn’t interested and just wanted to be friends and he said he was okay with that. But he kept asking me to send nudes and made physical sexual advances when I was clearly uncomfortable and had earlier articulated it to him. I remember I even explicitly told him he’s allowed to say he doesn’t want to be “just friends” with me. Even more disappointing because he’s “woke”. You’d think if he understands it on the timeline he’ll understand it in real life. I think I have to end this with a question for it to be a valid curious cat, so is a #wokeman a real thing? Dear Anon, First, let me outrightly say I have issues with the assignment of wokeness to men either by women and mostly by men themselves. I think that the bar is set so low for men that one who doesn’t engage in outright misogyny on social media is usually declared as a woke man. Worse still are those who parrot what they’ve seen/heard feminists say with no introspection or change in behaviour. We have all seen instances when so called woke men have used the appearance of wokeness to harass, abuse and get sexual and monetary favours from women. Which seems to be the case with this man. And I am truly sorry that you had to deal with it. I honestly hope you removed him from your life (I know this wasn’t the question but it needs to be said). I read something that said that women assign goodness to men that has not been demonstrated by their actions. I see this happening often on the timeline because a part of us wants to believe that there must be some goodness in these men because their tweets aren’t cringey or rife with misogyny but it is all a facade. In the end, actions speak louder than tweets. And this guy showed himself in his actions. To answer your question, I – me, myself and I – do not believe in “woke men” Keep the faith, Ciiku


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