Ask Ciiku: How do I dress for success?

Anon asked: I always look shabby – I’m quite comfortable with it, in that, when I wake up, as long as what I have on is clean I’m good to go. Usually a tshirt and jeans and some ngomas. But I do admire how girls look so good in the streets of Nairobi. People often put in a remark like – na kesho uvae dress- when asking me out for stuff/ events. When I do put in some effort, I like it but often hate the attention especially if its around my everyday routine and I get home thinking- wasn’t worth it. Sometimes I forgo lunch coz I don’t want to bump into anyone looking like I just woke up. But everyone aside I feel okay in my basic looks. I’m willing to give it a try if it isn’t too expensive (the glo up). I guess I just really want your opinion on how important it is to dress up and look good everyday.
Dear Anon,
To be completely honest, this post could have been written by me. I am a tshirt and jeans kind of girl and only put “effort” when it is a function of some sort. And even then I ensure I am absolutely comfortable. I also admire Nairobi ladies, family and friends who stay on trend, wear make up, rock heels.
I am not fashion forward, don’t know what’s trending, rarely shop for clothes and I have only made up my face countable times. I do not know what you do for work but I will assume based on this question that wearing jeans and tshirts is something you can do. I also don’t know what “shabby” means? Does wearing jeans a tshirt automatically make you shabby? I think not. So I ask, do you feel like you need to change and dress up? And if so, why? Is it something you are doing because you want to do it or because of chatter around you? Is it because of some sort of pressure you are feeling?
Since you asked for my opinion, I believe in dressing comfortably. That’s it. That’s what I think is important. Also, any change you make on dressing and “looking good” has to come from you and for the right reason.
Also, jeans and tshirts is a good look. šŸ˜‰
All the best,

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