Review: Ala – Shappaman, Kus ma, Savara, Kristoff, King Kanja

I think we can all agree that Camp Mulla, before disbanding, were dope. Pretty damn dope. Music was good, videos were great and I was sad when they separated. I have always said that the Hold it down (254low tribute) video is one of the best Kenyan music videos.

News of their reunion were met with ambivalence because in the time that they have been separated, some of the members have released music that wasn’t in the same wave as the initial music.

So when I saw that there was a new video shared on the official Camp Mulla YouTube channel, I was not ready.

Ciiku says:

As I watched this video, listened to this song, one word describes it: Disappointing. I mean, the song doesn’t include all the Camp Mulla members but that it was released on that channel, means something.

Do you remember when Cash Money would have so many people in a song to try mask it’s wackness? That’s what seems to be happening here. Savara can’t even save this song. The song’s terribleness aside, who mastered this song? There are parts of the song that are louder than others. Or was that the idea? Also, whats the story behind the video? It seems like they just agreed to meet and do whatever, video concept? what’s that? The audacity to hold up Chamdor as they threw 100 dollar bills is truly something. Why do we do these things surely?

I am holding out that when all the original members of Camp Mulla release a song, that my hope will not be for naught.

G says:

Somewhere in this song, Kus Ma says, “never need to come back/ we’re on the come up.” This video is just a reminder of how things can change. Camp Mulla were full of promise and I still remember how I felt when they broke up.
This video is disappointing and seeing this from Camp Mulla has made me skeptical about the new project. If this is what they call their come up, I hope they never come back, tulikuwa tumeshazoea.

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