Ask Ciiku: How soon is too soon?

Is there a remedy to developing the feels too quick? Is there even a thing such as too quick, would you say?


Dear S,

I won’t even lie, I smiled reading this question. Because sometimes it’s easy to see what we are taught to think about certain things. For example, we are told that catching too feelings too quickly is not good idea. There is a negative connotation to it. And why is that?

Is it

  • Because human beings are fickle?
  • Because humans beings are selfish and as a result we have to guard our hearts and therefore our feelings?
  • Because when you catch feelings quickly everyone around you looks at you like you have lost your mind?

Is there something like too quick? Yes there is: when you catch feelings based on superficial things.

And you know what? Sometimes it is not superficialities but actual, genuine connections. And if so, feel all the feelings S.

Be bold.


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