Ask Ciiku: My man has a female BFF

This thing for your man having a female BFF . How should it go? This girl literally knows very single move that this man makes , am I being jealous?


Dear B,

Are you being jealous? Probably. Why are you jealous? That’s the more important question.

Are there lines being crossed between the two of them or is the issue that she is female? How does the girl know every single move your man makes? Does your man tell her? Does your man give you reason not to trust him when he says that they are only friends? Do you trust your man? Do you think men and women can be friends? Do you have male friends? Are you in some unnecessary competition with this lady? These are the questions I have for you right now B.

Can men and women be friends? Yes. Can men use the lie of women friends to cheat on you? Yes. The thing to ask is how you view this in relation to your particular relationship. From then, we can move on to “what now?”

And more importantly, remember that the person to talk to here is your man.

All the best.



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