Ask Ciiku: Please recommend some reads

Hi! You are doing wonderful Ciiku.
ION, you keep mentioning reading as a way to find yourself, and ultimately loving yourself. are there any reads you would recommend? I am turning 30 in 2 years and this is a gift I would want to give myself by then.


Dear Anon,

First of all, thank you so much for saying that. I am really grateful.

I really took it as a challenge to get you some things to read and this list is not exhaustive at all. I assume you follow me on twitter because I usually share more on there.

Books – Only gonna suggest 5 off the top of my head

  1. So long a letter – Miriam Ba
  2. Joys of Motherhood – Buchi Emecheta
  3. Half of a Yellow Sun – Chimamanda N Adichie
  4. salt – nayyirah waheed
  5. Sister Outsider – Audre Lorde

Links – Took more time with these ones


Happy Reading.



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