Ask Ciiku: I am losing myself

How do I make sure I don’t get lost (swallowed up) in the lives of others, (close family and close friends) and start to lose myself?


Dear Anonymous,

I read somewhere that the best way to love others is to love yourself better. And I have to ask, are you? Do you? And sometimes when we get so much into other people’s lives because there is something in our own lives that we are ignoring. Could that be the case?

I think it would help if you distanced yourself from people and their issues from a bit. I know I had to at some point. You see, I am somewhat an empath and sometimes I carry people’s problems. My heart becomes heavy with worry and concern. It reached breaking point where I had to tell people that I couldn’t listen to them and basically retreated into my self. I spent that time caring for my heart and restoring it. I think that is what you need to do.

And after you spend this time with yourself, the next time you feel like you are starting to lose yourself, you will realise it early enough and step out before it’s too late. I hope.

Show yourself some grace.





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