Review: Fena – Trouble – Official Video

Ciiku Says:

Fena releases such good music. Her voice is excellent, the beat for most her music is good. I consider her music feel good and I AM ROOTING FOR HER. In all honesty, she deserves EVERY SINGLE THING. All in all, I, me, myself, I’m quite enamored by her. And this is why I do not understand why her producers and video directors and editors continue to let her down.

Case in point:

Her new song “Trouble” is pretty dope. I urge you to listen to it before watching the video.

But this review isn’t about the song. It is about this video.

I am always curious whether Kenyan musicians have concepts before they do a video. Think – story line, colours, wardrobe, what message the video is meant to portray beyond the lyrics. Because, no. I also don’t get why video directors cut between scenes so often such that we as the viewers don’t have a moment to even enjoy or savor.

Also, I get brand promotion and plugging in music videos. I get it. But there has to be a better way to do it than was done in this video.

Anyway, I will continue to listen to this song without watching the video.

G Says:

Fena’s first jam of the year Trouble, like her previous songs, is a catchy tune about the trouble of finding and keeping love.
The Lucid Visuals produced video is a kawaida story of boy meets girls in a mall. There’s the moment their eyes meet and we tumble into a (day) dream date.
Fena looks like trouble–real shida– in pink but the rest of the video feels rushed, we move from scene to scene quite abruptly (can we please stop with this). Kidogo kidogo we are back to where it all started, eyes meeting, smiles.

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