Video Review: Le Band ft Khaligraph Jones – Nakupenda


Ciiku Says:

I am rooting for Le Band with everything in me. I am also hoping they change their name at some point but maybe they like it so much, I don’t know. Anyway, love this song of theirs and even if at times I know I am not the target market for their music, I respect their hustle.

Now onto their video:

If you’ve followed me on twitter you know I think we should stop dancing in our music videos. Rarely is there a Kenyan urban music video where the dancing makes sense. This video is no different. The three ladies dancing are off. Also, the two gents dancing with Fidel are off. I have to say that Fidel does the dancing bit quite well and hats off to him. (please watch this recent video for how dancing works in a music video).

There are little things that need to be done better like wardrobe, make up, editing but I am being  a bit soft on them because they are new-ish in the industry but I do hope that they continue to improve their craft (including vocal coaching).

And let me just say Fidel SHINES in this video. SHINES. Go on ahead, young man.

G Says:

Le Band have been on my radar for a while so it was good news to hear they had a new video out featuring Khaligraph. I was hoping for something different, something unique. What did I get? A rather lacklustre video to be quite honest.

For a song that is all about love, love that is meant to be genuine, a lot of it seems forced and Papa Jones just stands there. And the makeup?? (There is a behind the scenes video and a lot of work seems to have been put in but still, aki, we can try a little more)
Dig the part with Fidel on the street but the dancers are a distraction. The party scene brought back hints of H_art the band and hope Le Band stay original.

2 thoughts on “Video Review: Le Band ft Khaligraph Jones – Nakupenda

  1. Lmao I’m so shocked. I thought that this song was universally disliked.

    I thought the song was awful through and through. Probably should have cut it off as soon as Khaligraph was done. Even for Khaligraph this was a fart in the wind.

    Dancing like that, in TOWN no less like this is a Chris Brown video circa 2003. Where is kanjo when you need them?

    Voice coaching desperately,as well as a stylist… Unless they’re going for the H_art The Band “going after girls out of our league” aesthetic which if they are, never mind.


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