Ask Ciiku: The Why

I spent the past weekend asking myself why I decided to do this “Ask Ciiku” business.

Sometimes when I respond to questions, I do not know if I am even being helpful. And sometimes there are things I know I am not qualified in the slightest to say anything about.

That being said, I like to help people and like to believe that for the most part, how and what I respond turns out to be helpful. Or that at the very least the people who ask the question feel heard.

Yesterday, I read a question that was posed to Pr. Kitoto and his response was full of harmful advice. And I  was scared that at some point some advise that I offer to someone may turn out to be harmful. I surely hope not. But I would like for those who read this blog to always call me out if at any point I offer harmful advice.

Thanks for always reading and remember to send in your questions through this form.


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