Video Review: Sauti Sol – Rewind ft Khaligraph Jones

Sauti Sol.

Man. Where do I begin?

As my friend says – the only way to reconcile yourself with Sauti Sol’s existence is by pretending Mwanzo never existed.

ANYWAY, Sauti Sol has been releasing music with corresponding videos in anticipation of their Afrikan Sauce LP in November 2018.

The latest offering is this nostalgic look at the past, featuring Khaligraph Jones.

Is the message from the video that they also miss the Mwanzo days? HA! I wish.

If you were to watch the video without listening to what they are saying, you would think it was a song about their story from when they began the journey. But no, it’s much more than that. It is about music as love, about the journey, about haters (who remembers when they wrote about those who were hating on them because they went to the gym?), about even if they had to do it again (REWIND!!)they would still make the same choices.

I guess Sauti Sol. I guess. Your lyrics are much improved in this one. Whew. I mean.

Now as for Khaligraph, he is begrudgingly growing on me – and I could actually follow what his story was and yeah, I kinda get it. I liked his feature on this.

But you know who shines in this song? Polycarp. And I am here for it. It’s about time. I hope he gets to shine more. Rock on!

Are they using the same person for their beats? Because that person needs a shoutout, their formula on catchiness is ace.

And that’s that on that.


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