Video Review: Le Band , DJ Curtis – Mood

Listen, I’m just gonna come out and say it, I want these guys to win. I am rooting for them. Whenever I see they have new music out, I hold my breathe and clench my teeth.

And I KNOW…… I get that our market is far from perfect and making a career as an artist is not easy. I get that.

But before I delve further into this, the video for Le Band’s new song – Mood.

I cannot wait for a couple of things:

  1. For vocal coaching for these guys (maybe except Fidel but I mean, it would not hurt).
  2. For a proper video concept plus video directors who ensure that not only do videos have a concept and flow, but that when someone is singing a certain section of the song, that the video pans to them at least once. You would think this is obvious but apparently it is not.
  3. For Kenyan producers to PROPERLY line vocals with the beats. I mean COME ON!! This could have been such a banger….

Anyway, I know these guys are young and I BELIEVE THEY WILL GET BETTER. I really want them to win (and to never have trash lyrics please).


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