MY Top 10 Calif Records Songs

Following on the heels of yesterday’s post on Ogopa, these are my top 10 Calif Records Songs – So basically Beat ya Clemo.

Also, it must be mentioned that Charles Luche gave us videos. He needs a documentary done on his work to be honest.

Honorable mentions:

10. Size 8 – Shamba Boy

I am not ashamed to say that I liked when Size 8 came out, I mean, not now, but her older songs, starting with this one, I like.

9. Nonini – Manzi wa Nairobi

Obligatory Nonini song. That is all.

8. Mejja – Over my ex

Mejja my goodness… where do I begin?

7. Lady S ft. Pilipili – Ukimwona

A video. A concept. A song.

RIP Lady S

6. Pilipili – Morale

As I was researching for this, I found out his name is Peter Gatonye. He came once to DC for a bash and I went. Wah.

5. Boomba Clan – Chonga viazi


4. Mejja – Furahia

Listen, Mejja is talented. I understand he has his reasons for being in Kansoul but solo Mejja gave us TRACKS!

3. Flexx ft Juacali – Nyundo

If your list of best Kenyan musicians doesn’t include Flexx, are you even serious?

2. Mejja – Landlord

What is your favourite Mejja song guys? (I am going to do a poll of this)

1. Flexx – Amejibeba

Flexx is a fave for me and I would really love to have a chat with him. The stalkerish vibes in Number yako is the only reason that song isn’t on this list but the man gave us a vibe.

What are your top 10 Calif songs? Chime in in the comments or on twitter.


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