Hard Stances and New Quests

I drunk moonshine this month. I mean, it isn’t the new quest kind of thing people tend to talk about but it is a big deal for me.

I am a hard stancer (sic).  When I decide to not do something, only a miracle works to change my mind. And those as we know, are rare. My taking hard stances is the stuff of legends among my family and friends. Many know not to bother once “Ciiku has decided.” Like, I decided one day to stop watching movies and TV shows and I don’t. Me, who my username on KenyaNiYetu forum was “moviebuff“. It is pretty impressive when I take hard stances most times but other times, it stops me from experiencing things.

For example; During our honeymoon in Thailand, I refused to eat street food. If you have followed me long enough you know that my stomach is demonic and therefore I pick and choose what I will eat. Despite all the assurances, I didn’t and even though FOMO is not something I experience, I definitely know I missed out on a large portion of Thai culture by not having street food.

After what has been a disastrous 2018 so far (I wonder if I will ever discuss how terrible this year has been in specifics), I decided, you know what Ciiku – stop hard stancing and do whatever.

And that is what I did (and continue to do). It is still hard to let go of the NO I am always quick to say and sometimes I don’t even enjoy the experience and ALSO it’s not like I am having epiphanies while doing these things I usually wouldn’t but you know what? It’s nice.

It has been only a month of this but I felt I should write something about it. A memory keep of sorts.

FYI: I thought about the blog title while showering.


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