For Better and For Worse

It’s easier to forgive the failings, mistakes of a romantic partner than it is to forgive the failings of a friend.

Or am I observing this phenomenon wrongly?

I can’t help but ask: Is there a friendship you have let go of that if the issue that arose was with someone in a romantic relationship, you would have forgiven them?

You know, sometimes I think people truly believe they do things because they want to but really they are only doing what is expected of them or what they’ve always done without really thinking through it.


I’m mainly bringing this up because we need to rethink how we treat friendship and forgiveness. I know I keep harping about friendship but bear with me because there is a point to all this.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a hard stancer. If I decide I am done with someone, I am done, even if I probably know I am in the wrong. It is hard to admit you are wrong, I know. But listen, there is something freeing in admitting it to yourself. There is to some level (un) righteous indignation that we have when we hold on to anger and not admit wrong doing. I haven’t yet decided whether it is worth telling the other person though. Baby steps. I want to say that I believed that I forgave but I don’t forget. In hindsight, I don’t know if I even forgave.

Part of how we react is because people who are emotional detached are lauded and so we all want to be that way. Cutting people off is a badge of honour of sorts. We are made to believe that being that way protects us from being hurt. LOL. It doesn’t. And also, it is very tiring. I find it hilarious how we are told that love is the answer and also that we shouldn’t invest in people. WHAT IS THE TRUTH WORLD??

This post has completely lost the plot, I was going to write about how I believe we should extend grace to our friends, forgive them and mend fences (if possible). But maybe the point is there somewhere.

Life is other people.


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