Ask Ciiku: He Refuses to Follow my IG Page

Hello, first all ,thank you so much for this platform. I run an Instagram store and everyone knows likes are the currency over there so I try to get all my friends and family to like my page. I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to follow my page but he said he had issues with his IG so he couldn’t follow. A girl he’s had a crush on for so long requested him to follow her business page and he made a new account just to follow her account and didn’t bother to follow mine. I asked him about it and he doesn’t even know the actual handle of my page. I’m currently too mad to even talk to him about it. Am I being petty? If not, how should I go about it? Do I have a discussion with him about it or just let it go? Thank you 😊

Miss K.

Miss K,

Thank you for your question. Your response to this is not petty. At all. In fact it is quite valid.

What issues does someone have with IG that prevents them from following a page? I am seriously asking because I have never heard of anything of the sort. Also, if someone else makes him open another account so they can follow, it raises many questions first of which: Does he care about you?

The care someone shows when they are in relationship is mostly seen in the little daily things. Not the grand gestures. It is the knowing how you take your coffee, how you like your eggs, following your business page on Instagram… those things.

You definitely, immediately, have to discuss this because it is a bigger issue than just following your Instagram page. What is the reason behind not wanting to follow your page? Why hers and not your? Does he care? It may seem small and as though you are making a mountain out of a molehill but the extent he went for someone he isn’t in an intimate relationship with raises eyebrows somewhat.

Don’t learn to let things go especially those that matter to you. “Bend but don’t break” as they say. And to that, even the bending, don’t bend too low.

All the best,





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