Whatever you want, whatever you need

Sometimes people do something for you that you never asked them to and you have to be the person who tells them “By the way, thanks but I really don’t need you to do that.”

And then you look like the bad guy because you seem like you can’t accept when someone does something nice for you.

Then you also ask yourself, what then was the intention of them doing what they did?

Because if you tell them that you don’t want them to do it, and their intention was selfless, then you rationalise that they shouldn’t feel bad. Unless they were doing it for their own selfish reasons.

That could explain why they think you should accept them doing this thing for you even though: 1. You didn’t ask them to and 2. You don’t want them to.

What am I saying here?

Dealing with people is a slippery slope. It isn’t easy. Between knowing what it is that you want, other people’s feelings, empathy and whatnot, things aren’t clear cut.

Do you keep true to yourself? Do you consider the other person’s feelings and keep quiet?

I don’t have the answers mayne, I am also wondering.

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