2018 and Music and Me

Music means a lot to me. Not in the sense that I made a career of it. But that in 2018, it literally gave me life. 2018 has been terrible. Not to say that good things haven’t happened, but as a whole? I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying that it is the worst year I have had.

But music.

And when the going gets rough and life gets tough
Don’t forget to breathe

Music has moved me. It has stilled me. It has made me cry, and laugh and smile and be. It has and continues to give me hope. Because if there is anything I need, it is hope.


I have listened to it all, old, new. I have curated quite a number of playlists this year, on YouTube and Deezer, listened to albums, found music I didn’t know about, found people who give me goosebumps. 2018 and music has been one of my anchors.

This is one of the playlists I have curated. It lists songs released in 2018 that I have enjoyed. You are welcome to follow it, if that is your thing.

Also, what music has given you life this year? Let me know.

And as always, follow me on Instagram.


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