Ask Ciiku: Where I saw this on a daily newspaper

I was reading the paper this past Saturday and came across this which I posted on my IG stories:

This type of thinking is the reason people suffer in silence. This type of thinking is why you hear that people have left their homes and haven’t told anyone.

What does this person mean by “bear the sacrifice that comes with the union“. Is that sacrifice eternal unhappiness?

Also, how did the letter insinuate that the mother probes too much? If anything the mother says “My daughter keeps telling me…” If a mother is not someone a daughter can come to when she feels unhappy then who else?

Face the fact that your beloved daughter chose to marry this man, she may not be happy – and she may be facing so much in her relationship right now, but she chose him” – This makes marriage sound like a death sentence. You can infer from this advice that the person is saying that no matter what happens in a marriage you made a decision and you are BOUND TO IT FOREVER.

This response is irresponsible in my opinion. I really hope the mother who wrote this letter does not take anything said here and actually does the opposite. I hope she is there for her daughter. That she provides a space where the daughter can come to when she makes the decision to leave her marriage. That she tells her daughter that she can leave the marriage. That she continues to listen to her daughter. 


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