Music: Masauti – Kiboko

rangi yake kama mzungu

In 2019? This is a lyric a Kenyan will utter in 2019? Colourism much?

I keep saying that there is music for which I am not the target market. But even before I get into that, please see the first Masauti song/video that I listened/watched:

I like this particular song. It is my type of jam and the guy sounds very good here. No auto tune (he doesn’t need it either). It is really an R&B Swahili jam.

Enter the new jam – Kiboko, eyebrow raising lyrics aside, at first, I did not understand why they decided to auto tune his voice. Then I realised that the jam was aspirational. It aspired to be like a Wasafi jam, which are generally heavily auto tuned. Despite the fact that his voice doesn’t need it. And therefore for me, the song loses me and more so nothing else can save it. It is just another bongo sounding song.


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