Music Review: Wanja Wohoro – Matriarch

album cover art

This album has been out since September 2018 and I honestly am behooved as to why I only recently came across it. I read something online about Ms. Wohoro being at an event at K1 and decided to research about her. And here we are.

This is the first full length album by Wanja Wohoro (she has an EP as well) which she was able to record due to donations that she received. I was really impressed by what she did to ensure this was recorded and honestly, kudos to her. More and more as I read on matters #PlayKEMusic I realise how this industry, the government, the people/consumers and even artists fails artists.

Now onto my thoughts.
The album begins with an afro jazzy tune titled “Roots”, a song with lyrics on empowerment, a running theme throughout the whole album. “Mumbi” can be considered an ode to the matriarch of the kikuyu tribe, a history lesson of sorts and the chanting at the end was spell binding (to me), I loved it so. “Home” starts with her speaking in swahili, greetings to Nairobi – home- I am your voice and you are mine. And as you can expect, the song talks about home and what this means for her. “Mine” is a reflection of her journey “23 and I find myself clutching at straws missing life as a teenager plucky and flawed” – I know what you mean Ms. Wohoro. The titular song Matriarch, an easy favourite especially lyrically, an upbeat tempo song that embodies what she intended with the album as she says…..”story of contemporary womanhood through a personal lens.

The instrumentation on this album is excellent – everything from guitar, the songs with the sax, percussion. I am in awe to be honest. Does she do her own background vocals on this album? Anyone who knows please inform me.

I have really enjoyed listened to this album, I think it is truly great and I cannot wait to watch her live.

You can listen to the album on her website by clicking here.

Also, let me state that it is really nice to have an artist upload music to the streaming sites. Please take note other artists.


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