Music Review: A Couple of Recently Released Kenyan Music Videos

Ok I have watched a couple of Kenyan and Kenya adjacent music videos recently and I decided to challenge myself to write one or two sentences about a few of them. So here goes nothing:

Blinky Bill – Mungu Halali (feat. Sage, Sarah Mitaru, Wambura Mitaru and Lisa Oduor Noah

This video is super dope. Come through SAGE, those harmonies???? Get into them. Whew!!!!!

Shinde – Presha ft BigPin, Nameless, Mwalimu & Pascal Tokodi

I would be very interested in hearing this song without the men in it because for one, I like the subject matter and she sounds nice. The men? I am not convinced.

Jerry Ogallo – Kaa Nami

The song is dope and if he gets someone better to master his music, we will have such excellent work.

King Kaka X Romain Virgo – One And Only

King Kaka doesn’t rap to the beat and it has always irked me but maybe I am not the target market. Romain Virgo has such a silky voice but even he can’t save this song.

Otile Brown – Crush

What we cannot deny, is Otile Brown’s ability to sing a song. I hope he has ceased the PR stunt of manufacturing drama a la the Wasafi peeps to get people to listen to him.

Bey T – “Bad Bad”

I like what she is doing, the space Nu Nairobi is creating.


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