Feelings I am Feeling

Have you ever been in the midst of a chat with a friend and then they say something that offends your sensibilities but you realise you don’t have a reason to be offended? I am not talking about people who say sexist, fat phobic or bigoted remarks, I am talking about how someone says something that seems off handed (it often isn’t) and it rubs you the wrong way? Lately, due to reasons I am unable to articulate, my patience has been non-existent. And I am getting offended more than I should.

I have not been sleeping well so by 3 pm, I am usually feeling lethargic. Short of buying sleeping pills or an edible, I have tried what seems to be every other fix. Chamomile tea, tiring myself, sleep hypnosis, ashwagandha tablets etc. Every night when I lay down to sleep, I am always hopeful that that particular night will be the one when I shall sleep through the night. So far, I have yet to and still I rise.

Have you ever had something bother you, that you don’t even know how to start talking about it? That was me for a period since January. I was finally able to coherently have a conversation about it and the relief I felt was quite something. The word I can use: unburdened.

I am glad that I am coming back to myself. It is not without it’s moments of doubt, fear and sadness. But onwards I trudge. I feel loved, by my people and if I could describe it, I would say that it is a warming feeling, one that brings a smile to my face. I am so grateful for this particular feeling.

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