An Autopsy of Sorts

After I published the letter to a former friend, someone told me that I should reach out to the person. I of course decided to make a poll on Instagram instead. 52% said I shouldn’t reach out, 48% that I should.

To be honest I had no intention of ever reaching out. The former friend is persona non grata in my life (and vice versa) and any positive feelings from the post are mainly due to the good memories. These memories in my opinion aren’t enough reason to try and bring people back into your life. Some things/people should remain as bygones.

Another conversation I had was on thinking about your past relationships and what the issues were. For this particular friendship, one of my takeaways was that we weren’t forgiving. And that was why I wrote the letter. It was the autopsy I did before the funeral.

I, personally, me, myself think that sometimes it is important to think about why something didn’t work and this is part of the process of feeling the feelings and growing and being aware.

Sometimes I feel like if we don’t think about some of these things is how we go around calling everyone else toxic without looking inward.


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