A Mess of Contradictions

Sometimes I crave happiness, that amorphous thing we are told is important to living life yet the definition keeps changing and there are times when I know for sure that happiness isn’t a worthy pursuit.

I know that capitalism is a scourge and buying things I don’t need doesn’t fix anything and yet retail therapy on days, brings me such joy.

I dance like no one is watching and I dance like someone is watching.

I think it’s important to say what you feel about things you find important but also at times being quiet is a simpler option.

Not doing what society expects mindlessly isn’t something I find value in whatsoever and its also tiring and causes friction and sometimes its easier to “go with the flow”

Judeo-Christianity raises more questions than answers and gives avenues for people to be bigots and hateful and I also see how people find comfort in it.


The title of this post comes from this interview. It is such an excellently done interview with questions that matter.


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