Koroga Festival After Thoughts

Things that worked:

  • Asa was EXCELLENT
  • Actually the performances were good. I don’t know what happened with Phy’s sound but yeah, she powered through.
  • Asa’s sound was EXCELLENT
  • The wine shop had good wine.
  • The guys checking the tickets were fast enough.
  • The people in attendance.
  • The DJ played some jams

Things that didn’t work:

Location – Now, listen, I haven’t been to a Koroga since it moved from Arboretum and let us keep it real here, Arboretum was an excellent venue. The worst thing about Mamba Village is the location. Yes, I know Blankets and Wine used to be held here but they outgrew the place so I don’t understand how the Koroga organisers thought it was a good idea to hold the event here. Let me not even start on the dust.

Tents – Koroga was the event where you rocked up without anything because all that was sorted and there was a dome and seating…… However on Sunday this was not the case and further to that, they didn’t even communicate that we needed to carry blankets etc. Basically, what Koroga was on Sunday is what Blankets and Wine’s entire concept is. The audaciousness aside, it made things worse with the terrible location.

Toilets – This might be when I went but yo, they weren’t clean, clogged up….

Transport – This was another headache because fighting to enter the bus is not my portion in life. That was the most disorganised thing I have ever experienced and it being dark in the parking lot was not helpful at all.

Lights – Speaking of darkness, as we were exiting, there was a guy hitting a chic and we couldn’t see because of how dark it was. Some guys swooped in and beat him and the girl escaped but yo! being a woman in Nairobi.

The performances were good and I do not want the negatives to take away from that. However, I wish we spoke more openly about what we would like to see improve etc.

What did you guys think? Let me know.



In the year of our Lord 2019, vendors should not set up at such festivals without a PDQ and a Till Number please. Do better.

Also, ICE. ICE. Yaani, barafu. You are a bar without ice? How?

And Kiza has been known to run out of food and alcohol and I want to know who they pray to so they keep getting these gigs. Someone, anyone, EXPLAIN.


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