Tolerating the Status Quo

Status quo is a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with regard to social or political issues.

Let us agree that as Kenyans, when it comes to our country and it’s politics, we tolerate the status quo, are content in it even.

  • How else do we explain how people are lining up for the huduma number yet no one can explain even in the simplest terms the purpose of this number?
  • How else do we explain how we are being threatened daily for not taking the huduma number? Is it because the politicians have learnt that Kenyans are an obedient lot?
  • How else do we explain people making excuses for this government? The ever insistence that the president is surrounded by corrupt people? As if the man lacks ability to make decisions?
  • How else do we explain our voting patterns? How else are we told to kill our neighbour by politicians who don’t care where we get our food?
  • How else do we explain our nonchalance as our country goes errant at the hands of politicians?
  • How else do we explain how churches are saying they won’t judge when politicians give money to the churches AND YET the churches themselves JUDGE everyone else?
  • How else do we explain how almost 60 years post independence, things you would consider simple e.g. pedestrian walkways is something that doesn’t exist in this country?
  • How do you explain how so many years post independence, this is what we have to show for this country?
  • How do you explain how we are always waiting for Okiyah Omtatah to go to court to challenge the government, or Boniface Mwangi to organise protests? Why only them yet we are so many people in this country who could do something?

As Ory often says, Kenyans aren’t angry enough.

We are complacent in the running of this country. We are content with what is going on. We are tolerating the status quo. And I know we like to say that we are too busy trying to survive that we don’t have time to make noise or hold people accountable but do you know what that is? More excuses.

We Kenyans are full of excuses for why we aren’t being more involved. The funny thing is that there are so many people who talk politics as if they think their thoughts spewed in the bar will somehow transform the country. News flash: it won’t.

A shame truly and completely.


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