Muze, Black Motion and Ventilation

On Saturday, we went to Muze for what was supposed to be a 12 hour thing with the main act being Black Motion.

Let me start out by saying that everyone who did the do, did the do. From Jack Rooster, Blinky, Suraj, Black Motion…. they brought it.

Now that that is out of the way, let me just say that Muze as a location for this … was not the wave. At all. Couple of things:

  1. It is not a big space and we were many. So of course it was just absolutely uncomfortable
  2. There is no ventilation, no fans or AC so if you were inside it was just hot. HOT. Ah no.
  3. They ran out of beer. Like………. How???? In 2019??? Do people not plan? Don’t they do like a supply check based on the number of tickets sold or something?

I know there were also some similar issues with Captain’s Terrace when Sun El Musician came (I didn’t go for this particular one).

I know in the end the issue is the promoter and them choosing the location but like, come on guys… this Nairobi has a couple of spaces where we can comfortably fit and have a good time and breathe good air. So let’s do that, mmkay?


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