Things I Want

I want to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I want to have hope. I want this lactose intolerance to magically disappear so I can eat pizza without worrying that I’d get sick. I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I want to be able to enter a store and get cute things in my size. I want to read awesome books and books that make me cry. I want to see Nao in concert. I want to listen to dope music live. I want to leave this country for like one week soon. I want to start collecting badges. I want to not worry about money. I want to not feel pressure. I want to go on a drive with no predetermined destination. I want one more tattoo. I want to not doubt. I want to not have a complex about some things. I want to listen and hear. I want to feel and touch. I want to love and be loved. I want it all to end. I want to be.


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