Be You

I have spoken about performing our lives a couple of times. Like when I wrote about doing what is expected of us, among other posts. I saw this on Instagram and I had some thoughts.

You know, I think most of the things that we think “duh” are easier said than done. Like this for example. I know that sometimes we have gotten so used to performing relationships that we cannot stop.

However, there is something that we need to pay attention to, and that is who we allow in our spaces and who we spend our time with. And that is where this particular thing said here is becomes important. We should intentionally spend time with people with whom we don’t have to perform.

Sounds easy, right?

Are you even aware when you are performing? I think that is the first question to ask yourself. Who do you hang out with and feel drained after? Are you unable to speak your mind? Do you always look for excuses to not be around them? These could be some of the signs that you are performing. Think about it, and do what you need to do.

Come home to you

We also discuss a big of this on this episode of the podcast:


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