Ghosts of Friendships Past

I was trying to remember something and I did what anyone else would do – I searched within whatsapp and one of the results that came up was a conversation from 2017 with someone who was my friend.

In true morbid fascination, I read a bit of the conversation and in all honesty, that was a really good friendship while it existed. I laughed and nodded along to things we talked about – I mean – we had really good conversations.

I have to confess dear readers, that part of me misses that friendship. I am not looking at it with rose coloured glasses of nostalgia but to say I do not miss it would also be a lie.

This is not to suggest any desire to be friends again, but only to mention how memories are truly amazing things – am I right?

Also, in my whatsapp search, I found this episode of Dear Sugar and this talk by Alain de Botton on Love. And WHOA!


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