Random Things I’m Thinking About

This is due to what I am reading, listening to and generally thinking about.

  • Just because the way you did something didn’t work doesn’t mean the “regular” way of doing the thing is the way to go.
  • This tweet thread made me think about how I create bonds with my people. Whether we only speak about trauma, whether our conversations are centered around negative things happening. It also made me think about who I share my good news with.
  • They really do think they can shame us into silence like they were. Don’t let them do it. Suffering is not a must.
  • I have cared for people that I didn’t love but I thought that care meant love. It doesn’t.
  • (I’m reading all about love by bell hooks).
  • Believing that someone will love you because you do specific things for them (and they take advantage of this, meanwhile you don’t even enjoy doing it) is quite sad. Servitude things.
  • The socialisation that leads women to prioritise relationships with men (friendship, romantic) needs to be unlearned post haste.
  • Does saying “thank you for coming” and “I really enjoyed you being here” mean the same thing? I don’t think so.
  • We really can use words to distance ourselves from people.
  • Loving yourself really also does mean saying no to things/people you desire who just aren’t good for your mental/emotional health.


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