I Had My Phone Off For One Day – This Happened

Clickbaity title much?

Anyway, I really cackled to myself when I decided that was going to be the title because I mean, how many times have we seen this kind of post?

I really did switch off my phone on Saturday night and only turned it on Monday morning but surely – I was not expecting some kind of transformation or any such shit. It wasn’t even on purpose if I am being honest. It just sort of happened.

It was definitely a quieter Sunday – which was spent napping and watching Netflix (Netflix and Chill *wink*). I basically replaced one distraction with another (I watched all available episodes of Derry Girls – Shout out to Dot for that STELLAR recommendation).

On Monday morning after turning on the phone, I felt no desire to respond to messages – but isn’t that expected? I mean, I know I will be back to my same bullshit soon enough.

Oh and I also started and finished a book – so yes, being on social media really does slow my reading… like WHOA.


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