Weekend Shenanigans

If you follow me on Instagram, you know Luther Vandross, is my favourite. So of course, I went for the Evening Remembering Luther show thingy at Braeburn. I am not here to do a performance by performance review of the show. It was good. I really do enjoy June Gachui. She is so…… talented. Also know that Ayrosh did what needed to be done. Webi was excellence personified. Lisa Oduor-Noah is a new fave. Kendi Nkonge killed it. All in all, everyone did good and a good time was had.

I also experienced my first concert in the rain when I went for Túrì A Múmbi concert at Tigoni.

Now, if you’ve listened to the podcast, you know I think in my head that I am a quiet drunk.


Ladies, gents, enbys…. I am not at all a quiet drunk. Honestly, I am verklempt but videos don’t lie and y’all… it was a lot. I am a lot.

Also, Sun El at RFUEA grounds was quite the vibe. That is the type of atmosphere that I would have wished for when Black Motion were here. Honestly, you couldn’t pay me to go to Muze. Kudos to y’all who are still going there.


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