Dutiful Daughters: How to be a “Good Girl”

Don’t speak your opinion. That is not ladylike.

Do things that they can brag about. Doesn’t matter what you feel, don’t talk about what you feel. Just do things they can brag about.

Do what is expected of you.

Don’t question anything.

Adopt and embrace the religious and political thinking you were born into.

Protect the fragility of men and their ego.

Inherit hatred for your body from your mother. Always be on a diet.

Believe that marriage is some sort of reward for being a “good girl

Keep your head down, your mouth shut and smile as you carry on. No one wants to hear what you have to say.

Dress up your trauma up in smiles and busyness.

Your desires, wants and needs don’t matter. Don’t go around thinking they do.


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