Kenyans Songs I Want on Streaming Sites

I get really irked when I want to listen to a song and then I can’t find it on streaming sites. I don’t know what the issues are in Kenya but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC sort your issues and upload these songs online.

(These are just the ones I have wanted to listen to recently and is in NO WAY exhaustive)

Kalamashaka ft Nikki – Songa Hapa

Hardstone’s Album

Necessary Noize – The Albums… SURELY

K-South – Nairoberry and Nairobizm albums

Shadz ‘O’ Black ‎– Serengeti Groove Album

Intu – Tamani

Mercy Myra’s Old Jams

By the way I really really love this song yaani. Wah.

Didge’s album used to be online and then it disappeared. Don’t know what happened but surely.

Anyway, there are many more Kenyan songs that need to be on streaming sites…….

Let’s get to it folks – mend the fences, sign the contracts etc etc and do the do.


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