Why I Stopped “Ask Ciiku”

I honestly thought that being an agony aunt was a very good idea. I remember having a conversation with Frankie about the idea. It felt like something I could be good at.

And in another sense, when I started it, I needed something good to happen. I was having a tense time and it was something I felt I was good at. And for a bit, it felt that way.

And then it became a lot, too much actually. It became an anxiety enducing endeavour. I received questions that were beyond, I got others that were just copied from other websites, I got trolls and then I realised it wasn’t serving me. And so I stopped. And it was the best decision.

I think the worst side effect thingy that came from all this is that I became the agony aunt for my “in real life” friends. People came to me only when they had issues. I was carrying people’s problems and it has become something I am undoing until today.

Because, if I am keeping it real, I don’t want to be that friend that people only come to when they have issues. And only then. Can you imagine? Having friends who only talk to you when they are asking about issues and only then? It is sad. And in part I created the environment.

Will I ever do “Ask Ciiku” again? Probably. But I’m not sure when.


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