The Cruel Absurdity of Other People’s Expectations

Do you sometimes get the feeling that your purpose for living is to fulfill other people’s expectations of what they think you should do? Or how they think you should live?

I mean, I have written before about parents etc (click here).

I was listening to a podcast episode recently where one the hosts said that some friendships end because of unwarranted and unrealistic expectations of each other. And I get what she was saying.

I remember, clear as day, reading a book of essays earlier this year and realising that despite it all, despite knowing better, that I (sometimes) have unspoken and unreasonable expectations of people around me. Isn’t that something?

You see all this growth in how you live, how you are and yet you kind of fall into the same predicament, the same patterns that you thought you had risen above.

What do I do with this realisation?

Adjust accordingly of course, I mean, what other option would there be?

(the title is from this Alain de Botton talk. The phrase stuck)