Two Date Ideas

You know anime and I go together so when Nyambura messaged me that there was an anime screening at the Japanese Embassy, I was very stoked to go.

And go we did. And while there, I realised that going for that plan is such a good date idea because of the following:

  1. It is free
  2. Big screen and good enough sound
  3. You have to leave your phone at the entrance and therefore distractions are limited
  4. You can bring your own snacks and drinks.
  5. You may land on a free calligraphy lesson.
  6. If anime is your thing you will definitely enjoy this.

Check the JICC website for events that the Japanese Embassy is hosting and go have fun. I mean, I even went to watch a live movie. Me? The person who doesn’t watch movies.

Second idea is gallery visits. This one needs transport because Redhill is a bit of a distance away. We had planned to go Redhill and then randomly decided to go to One Off (which is along the way at Rosslyn). Lucky for us both galleries had dope artists being showcased and a good time was had. It is a good idea because of the following:

  1. It is free to enter the galleries
  2. A good idea for a drive on a Sunday
  3. It is fun to look and contemplate
  4. The art brings out conversations

Also, date your friends. It’s so fulfilling.


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