Things I am Thinking About

  • At times we project arbitrary notions of morality on other people because they refuse to conform to societal norms.
  • I’m contemplating how I consume and react to content I come across. Either by reading, listening etc. For example consuming other peoples reactions to things and being able to not internalise their reactions as my own. I don’t know if this makes sense to you reading but it does to me.
  • The concept of five love languages is simplistic. That being said, I often think how I used to be adamant that gifts is my love language. For someone who doesn’t receive that many gifts this fascinates me now.
  • My love language is effective communication and stability in all its facets.
  • I used to be so scared of death mostly because of not knowing what happens after one dies. Now, I don’t fear death. And really who knows, am I right?
  • Do I minimise my emotions because I’m not sure how to describe it? Like, what does sorrow feel like?

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