Nostalgia and Rose Coloured Glasses

I cleared out some documents over the weekend. Of course this meant going through things I’ve carried with me from my dorm room in high school, from the US, from the house I mostly grew up in to here where I currently live.

You better believe I kept the success card from my high school boyfriend and I have no intention of ever throwing it away. It makes me smile.

I have letters that were sent to me by my friend when we were in university. Me in the US and him here in Kenya.

Rereading those letters led to some serious nostalgia. I always think of this particular friendship quite fondly even if over time it’s become eroded and we don’t speak. But wow we really had a friendship that I truly enjoyed and hold dear. To this day.

Nostalgia is that thing though, am I right? Almost sent a text even.


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