Letter to a 22 Year Old Ciiku

Dear Ciiku

Alcohol is delicious. Start drinking it. Upgrade your taste buds. Sushi is bomb dot com.

Don’t stop dancing, ever.

Society wants you to keep obsessing over your body, as if you should hate it as a way of living, as if the pursuit of thinness is some sort of virtue: let that shit go. Body peace is where its at.

Keep reading. Feed your soul.

Some mistakes you will make will seem like the worst thing you ever did. Forgive yourself. Don’t harden your heart. Also, SOME mistakes will result in the best years of your life.

Work on finding out what matters to you, and what it is that you want. Don’t look around at what others are doing and what they want and think that that should be what you should also want.

You need to know, to learn, to internalise the difference between being chosen and being loved. The difference between desire and connection. Between being desired and connecting with people.

Choose people as they choose you. Read the room. Reciprocity is important. Unwarranted expectations are dangerous. You cannot will or wish someone into caring for you.

Male attention is abundant and low value. Your value is not attached to you being tied to them.

Know what you want and don’t shy from asking for what you need.

Friendship is the glue that will continuously hold you together. Nurture them.

Life is a scam. Capitalism is insidious. This world is trash. Yet continue living. No one knows what they are doing.



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