Event Spaces, LITSL, Rain and Respect

Yesternight, I decided to go for Life in the Single Lane. Mostly because I’ve never been and I’d heard good things about it. Mind you, it was my first time to go the Junction Courtyard.

And it is my last time.

Listen, I respect myself and my money and I’m not the type of Kenyan who gives events, promoters more than one chance. You know the way I canceled Muze? Same same.

As in, there was no way I was going to stand in the rain, under my umbrella, to watch a show because someone didn’t plan shelter for attendees. In this weather? What do you call that? Lack of planning or disrespect for those who’ve paid? I mean.

By the way, I know people don’t generally talk about their gripes with events in this country, as if we feel we deserve some of this nonsense. NOT ME

We ended up at Artcaffe (I also can’t believe there isn’t a bar at Junction. Grow up!!) and all around us were people who had also refused to stand in the rain. One lady came, saw the situation, said “this isn’t for me. I’m out” and left. Another group of ladies at Artcaffe said “At least we got to meet up”

Before you come to tell me we should have come early and gotten seats in the tent a couple of things for your feeble mind to think about:

  • They knew how many seats were in the tent.
  • They knew how many tickets they had sold.
  • They were still selling tickets at the “gate”
  • I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and I’m sure the show was a good time. We paid the same amount of money and we didn’t get value for our money.
  • People are allowed and should complain when they are disrespected. Not all the time “love and light”
  • These are legitimate concerns and if you refuse to see it as such, look inward.

Finally, whenever I see Kenyans being all up in a rage when international acts don’t come to Kenya – I am like… WHY? We seem to have accepted mediocrity. We don’t hold people to standards. We have to hold people to standards and demand for value please. Jipende.


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