90s, Dancing and Safety

Because I write when events are not good, I must use the same energy to talk about when events are dope.

And people, The Heng was good times.

And I’m not even talking the performances which in and of themselves were dope. This post is mainly about the experience of being there: Check in, Vibe, Sound, Safety, that kind of stuff.

Now, the bar took a while to set up and they didn’t have POS machines but other than that, the idea of having different vendors is a vibe.

Check in was seamless.

Time keeping was on point.

The atmosphere was so blady VIBEY!!

I felt very safe, even when we left at 2.30 am and had to enter our cab from outside the KICC gate…. I felt safe. I hadn’t realised how important this was until I saw the videos from the Chris Martin concert.

So yeah, it was a good good time. Congrats to me for that decision to attend.


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