Music That Made My 2019 Pt 4

*Siri play: Final Countdown*

Music that made my 2019 is a series of posts regarding music that stood out, music that was released this year, music that I enjoyed. This can be singles, full length albums, EP and even videos that made me happy.

31. Song: Beyoncé, Nija, Busiswa, Yemi Alade, Tierra Whack, Moonchild Sanelly, DJ Lag – My Power. Firstly, best song on that album. Secondly, this song invigorates me.

32. EP: Kwame Rigii – Cama Wendo. OK, his buttery, chocolatey voice? I cannot deal.

33. EP: Jivu – Hayawi Hayawi – I have written about these guys so much so this should surprise absolutely no one.

34. Album: Jordan Rakei – Origin. This was my most listened to album this year, for good reason. And Wildflower is THAT jam.

35. Album: Raphael Saadiq – Jimmy Lee. This is stylistically, lyrically, melodically etc etc – a perfect album.

36. EP: Ayrosh – Murasta. A fave. I stan.


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