Justifying Being Seen

Sometimes I go back to read what I have written and I am like “have I evolved/changed what I think about this certain matter?”. For example, this post.

I have come to realise that in many cases we can justify anything to ourselves. We can make a case that we don’t desire to be seen, a case for being hardened, a case for not sharing yourself because humans are fickle and will likely betray you.

Are these valid points? Yes.

As I mentioned in the first newsletter I sent out, I am invested in remaining soft in a world that pushes the message of being hard (sign up if you haven’t yet).

And in that mindset, I am invested in somehow letting go of the shackles of past mistakes, past hurt. And I’m trying to be as realistic as is possible in this endeavour. Because there is that utopian ideal that can sound so good especially when it’s a post on Instagram.

But yo! This is life. My life. And at the very least, even as I am not as engaged or attached to this thing, I need it to make sense as much as I possibly can given the circumstances.

To not perform. To be. To want. To need.

You know what I mean?

Would it seem ironic to end this post with an IG post I enjoyed?


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