Date Ideas – Valentine’s Weekend

I do not celebrate Valentine’s but I get the hoopla around it and anyway this post came from a conversation that happened on Sunday. So here I am – with ideas.

Firstly, if you are planning a Valentine’s thing, who says it has to be on Friday? I mean, the whole weekend is there. So whyever not. Just tell whoever it is you want to spend time with what day.

  1. Pop Up Markets

(before someone says anything YES, INDEED – I did say on Instagram that pop up markets are the new quail eggs). That aside, a pop up especially in a dope location is a good look. And I can only speak of two that I think have a dope vibe if you are going on a date. The one at Chekafe and the one at Arbor. Both are held on Sunday, have good food and drinks and aren’t too packed and would be a good idea.

2. Short, Shorts and Shots

I don’t watch films but this looks like a good time.

As always, date your friends. Always and forever.


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