Going to Church does not make you Good

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in the notion of good people. I just think people do good acts/things at times. Now Kindness? That is a whole other story.

We are selfish, we want things to go our way. And even when we do things for the good of other people, most of the time we want to gain something from that. Let’s accept that.

What grates me is the self righteousness that people who go to church exhibit. Firstly, someone does nothing. Nothing. But because they are church going, by virtue of that, they believe it makes them good.

Listen yo! You can stand on your bible pedestal and invoke God in your acts/non acts, talk like your God is on your side and claim goodness about it all. Even I, with my non church going ass knows that’s not how it works.

AND THEN…. AND THEN… These people are unkind and feel as though they have the backing of the bible to be unkind. Like, let me laugh please. The dissonance is mind blowing.

But as I said, people are selfish and will cling onto flimsy ideals to support their depravity.


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