Hips and “Feminine” Clothes

If you’ve listened to the latest episode of the podcast, you know that I said that in my youth, I would be influenced to do things – like make up and all that. Also I have often said that I don’t care about fashion. You will often find me either in maxi dresses or jeans and a tee.

I told my friend recently that I am going back to my dressing ways of years past. You see friends, I was quite the so called Tom Boy in my dressing during my early pre-teen and teen years – short hair, baggy jeans, baggy tops and whatnot. And then the hips checked in, the waist became defined and mother dearest said I would look better in dresses and then I started wearing dresses and skirts.

And that became my life.

And now I just want to wear jeans and sneakers and since I have been back to short hair – why not just embrace that vibe – Am I right?

I am always curious how people get a dressing style, like why do you buy the clothes you buy? Are you influenced? Do you go with what feels dope to you? Do you just buy what fits (this is me)?


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