Things I am not here for

Njahi as stew. This is self explanatory.

Fat shamers. Let me tell you, the way people are talking about social distancing and eating you would think becoming fat is the plague. We see you and your fat phobic messages. 😒.

People who don’t see my humanity. Come closer folks – I am me, Ciiku. Not potential mother, not current wife, not sister, not daughter, not friend, not cousin, not (insert career path here). I am a multitude of things of which your assumptions aren’t a part of. I get why most people’s identity is based on relationships to others and/or work but that’s not my gospel.

Arguing with people especially on the Internet. So yes, been there, foolishly did that. Now? Imagine never gonna happen. Not when there are so many ways I can avoid them. Do you think men care about those threads? Those call outs? Hell no. Saving my energy for other things is what I am here for. And why twitter remains the plague. To be clear, I don’t argue with people IRL either. Like as in, people want to stew in their misinformation and I honestly do not care about it. Just stay away from me. If I see a discussion devolving to an argument I let that shit go.

Competition. I have no desire to be the best in anything other than being myself. So all those people who put me in competitions I didn’t sign up for? You can have it. Whatever “it” is.


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